Japan Cherry blossoms
Japan Cherry blossoms
Japan Cherry blossoms
staircase seen in Kimi no na wa

My Family


This is my family, my family is very closely bonded we always joke around and share about our lives to each other. My parents are the best parents in the world as they are not bias to my brother or me they treat us equally and makes sure we receive the best care from them. My brother is also a very fun person to be with and he is the tallest in the family. One fun fact my brother was actually tricked into joining band in primary school by my mother, which eventually made me followed my brother's footstep and both of us really enjoy this CCA where we have been in for very long.


This is my Father, he goes to Malaysia to work every day early in the morning. I really appreciate him as he knows he has to feed this family so even if he is sick or tired he will still psuh himself and go to work. I am glad my father is very resilient and until today he is still working hard. Whenever he comes back home from work no matter how tired he is he will still approach my brother and I and start a conversation. That is why he is the best father I could ever ask for.


This is my Mother, she is a housewife since I was primary 2. She has kept the house in good shape and does the chores at home and I am thankful for her as she will always show concern to everyone in the house whenever we need a listening ear she will always be there to listen to us. My mother exercises everyday except saturday and sunday where she spends time in the morning going out with my father to explore Singapore. The rest of the time will be spent together as a family.


This is my Brother, he is the one who inspired me to join band and having him as my brother means someone who would play video games with me. We have always shared with each other the games which we would play and play it together. For music stuff he will give me comments on how I should play certain phrases and we always take about music and games together. My brother and I love to tease our mother we always play with her hair and joke around.